Can Smokers Qualify for No Exam Life Insurance?

If you enjoy a cigarette now and then, you should not worry about finding no exam life insurance. Even pack-a-day smokers can be accepted for life coverage. Since you are a smoker, you will not be able to qualify for preferred rates. In most cases, you will receive standard rates.

smoke-that-cigaretteRead on to find out more about purchasing life insurance for smokers:

 What is a smoker?

The term smoker is not entirely correct because the so called “smoking rates” are not only for those that smoke cigarettes or cigars. They are applicable to anyone who has used “tobacco products” in the last 6 or 12 months. Tobacco products mean anything from nicotine patches to big cigars or chewing tobacco.

Why is smoking a problem?

Since smoking is linked to a number of serious medical conditions, agencies feel skeptical about insuring smokers. Of course, not always smoking leads to heart diseases and lung problems, in most cases it does, and insurance companies increase rates to make up for any potential losses.

How will smoking affect life insurance rates?

Smoking will make your life insurance rates more expensive. In most cases, you will have to pay double and some agencies can even charge more. Of course, premiums are not only determined based on your smoking habits, so your health will also play an important role.

If you are in an excellent medical condition, maybe the price increase will not be so harsh.

Why is no medical exam life insurance a good policy for smokers?

We believe that smokers can truly benefit from purchasing no exam life insurance. These plans feature a simple application and underwriting process. It is not easier to get coverage, but you can also save time and money.

Purchasing life insurance without taking medical examinations is a convenient way of providing financial security and safety for loved ones. Your smoking habits may also have a smaller impact, so that the rates will not be too high.

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